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Our ambition is to quietly do great things. Because we know we can. Many have complained that factories are closing ko Bulawayo, some even think that nothing can be done right now about that. We don't agree. All the money that was invested in those factories was nothing more than the savings of other people - that's all there was to it - just savings. We can do that, we can save month by month and build great things together.

We started small, a handful of us putting aside £50 per month. Now we are more than a handful and we have raised over £100,000.00 - but this is only the beginning!

We have invested our savings in trucks for rural farmers - you can listen to them here. Our investments mean that farmers have reliable transport for their produce, young people get jobs, and we the investors in Diaspora earn a good return on our investment. Because at the end of the day its about all of us working together, quietly building a great future.


Enaleni is a registered society set up to encourage impact investing by the Diaspora in development initiatives in Zimbabwe. Anyone over the age of 16yrs is welcome to join us. To become a full member you need to hold a minimum of 600 shares of £1 each. You can spread the initial cost of this over 12months at £50 per month. Enaleni is a Registered Society (registration number 32105R) 

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It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

(Harry S. Truman)

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